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Applied Artificial Intelligence Project

Ziele und Inhalte

After successfully finishing this module, the participating students have 

  • well-founded knowledge in an application domain
  • hands-on experiences in applying methods from the field of Artificial Intelligence to challenging problems of the future society
  •  improved their capacity for teamwork and competence in project management 
  • improved presentation and writing skills.

This module addresses challenges in one of the following domains with accompanying topics, such as: 

  • eGovernment: exploitation of Linked Open Data, application of enterprise management systems in administration offices, analysis of Big Data for the improvement of public services. 
  • Energy: energy patterns in households or the operation of smart micro grids. 
  • Production: cyberphysical systems and the Internet of Things facilitate another breakthrough in industry production. The smart factory is characterised by resource efficiency, flexibility and customer centricity. 
  • Health care: surveillance and information services based on sensor data, better patient compliance throug IT, early diagnosis of diseases by analysis of social media streams, ambient assisted living for the elder generation. 
  • Logistics and Transport: traffic flow analysis and forecasting, and control; car sharing; intermodal public transport routing. The projects may be applied in close collaboration with companies and public authorities in the greater region of Berlin. 

Modulbestandteile (9 LP Projekt)

LV-Titel LV-Art SWS LP Semester
Applied Artificial Intelligence Project PJ 4 9 WiSe & SoSe


Name Points Categorie Duration/Extent
Final Presentation 20 oral 1 hour
Milestone Presentation 10 oral 1 hour
Project Results 50 practical 13 weeks
Requirements Specification 10 written approx. 10 pages
Status Reports 10 flexible 0.5 hours per week

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  • Computer Engineering (Master of Science)
  • Computer Science (Informatik) (Master of Science)
  • Elektrotechnik (Master of Science)
  • Medieninformatik (Master of Science)
  • Technische Informatik (Master of Science)
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems Management (Master of Science)
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Master of Science)


  • IV: Integrierte Lehrveranstaltung (VL + UE)
  • LV: Lehrveranstaltung
  • P: Pflichtbestandteil eines Moduls (muss belegt werden)
  • PJ: Projekt. Methodenvermittlung und Systemeinführung zur Projektarbeit, Entwicklungs-, Dokumentations- und Kommunikationswerkzeugen. Wöchentliche Projektbesprechungen. Projektarbeit in Kleingruppen. Milestones. Abschlusspräsentation.
  • SE: Seminar. Literaturarbeit und schriftliche Ausarbeitung unter Anleitung. Vorstellung der Ergebnisse in einem 20 minütigen Vortrag im Plenum.
  • SoSe: Sommersemester
  • UE: Übung. Vertiefung des Vorlesungsstoffs, Lehrgespräche zur Besprechung der Übungsaufgaben, Gruppenarbeit zur Bearbeitung der Übungsaufgaben.
  • VL: Vorlesung
  • WiSe: Wintersemester
  • WP: Wahlpflichtbestandteil eines Moduls. Eine der Wahlpflichtveranstaltungen des Moduls muss belegt werden.