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PJ Communication Network Security

Modul: Communication Network Security (BINF-KT-CNS.S10)
Semester: Sommersemester 2011
Art: PJ (4 SWS / 6 LP)
LV-Nr.: 0435 L 769
Veranstalter: Albayrak, Camtepe
Raum und Zeit: Do. 14 - 16, ab 14.04.2011, TEL 1315


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This course will be in English / German!


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Course Details

This is a Bachelor degree project for experimenting with basic cryptographic methods and tools for securing communications networks. Project will make use of the materials covered in Communication Network Security Lecture. After completion of this module, students will have basic knowledge and experience in cryptographic methods and their theoretical background as well as in state of the art security problems and solutions for communications networks.

Language: Deutsch / English

Textbook: Materials from following textbooks/sources might be useful for the project:

  • Cryptography and Network Security, Ed. 4, by William Stallings
  • Cryptography: Theory and Practice, Ed. 3 by Douglas R. Stinson
  • Cryptography Demystified, by John E. Hershey
  • Malicious Cryptography - Exposing Cryptovirology, by A. L. Young & M.Yung
  • Various Conference Papers, Journals, Standard Specifications and RFCs
  • Communication Network Security Lecture materials

Prerequisites: Students required to have a basic understanding of Computer Communications Networks, Operating Systems, Cryptography and Network Security, and knowledge of a programming language (Java, C, C++, Perl, …). Students should take this project along with Communication Network Security Lecture

Outline: Roadmap to successfull completion of the project:

  • Week 1: Problem Specification
  • Week 2: Background and State-of-the-Art (SOTA)
  • Week 3: Preparation of Description-of-Work (DOW) document (Problem Specification, Background, SOTA, Detailed Work Description, and Time Plan)
  • Week 4-5-6: Development of First Prototype
  • Week 7-8-9: Development of Second Prototype
  • Week 10-11-12: Development of Final Prototype
  • Week 13-14-15: Testing and Final Report

Grading: Description Of Work (25%), Prototype Implementation (50%) and Final Report (25%)

Tentative list for project topics. Details of the project topic will be discussed in the first week of the semester.


Topic 1: Smart Identity Solutions for Smart Homes

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Tarik Mustafic


Topic 2: SSO (Single Sign-On) using Android-based Smartphones

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Tarik Mustafic Leonid Batyuk


Topic 3: OTP (One-Time Password) on Android-based Smartphones

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Leonid Batyuk


Topic 4: Attack Scenario Construction for IT Security Check

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Thomas Blaesing


Topic 5: Access Control and ID Management in Multi-Agent Systems (JIACv: Java-based Intelligent Agent Componentware)

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Dennis Grunewald


Topic 6: Graded Security for Smart Metering Data (WEB Portal for Privacy in Smart Grids)

Language: Deutsch / English

Trainer: Joel Chinnow



Dr. Seyit A. Camtepe

Office: TEL 1409 (Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7)

Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00AM – 12:00AM (Tentative)