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VL Topics in Communication Networks and Autonomous Security

Modul: Special Topics in Communication Networks and Autonomous Security (MINF-KT-CNAS.W10)
Semester: Wintersemester 2010/11
Art: VL (2 SWS / 3 LP)
LV-Nr.: 0435 L 780
Veranstalter: Dr. Seyit Ahmet Camtepe
Ort und Zeit: TEL 1118, Do. 16 - 18, ab 21.10.2010.


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This is a Master Degree module on special topics in the area of Communications Network Security and Autonomous Security. It is a hybrid course since it will have sufficient depth in theory as well as security applications and protocols. After completion of this module students will have deep understanding of state of the art security problems and solutions for communications networks, and security needs of future computation and communication systems supporting our modern society.

Language: English

Trainer: Dr. Seyit Ahmet Camtepe

Office: TEL 1409 (Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7)

Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00AM – 12:00AM (Tentative)

Textbook: Following textbooks will be used in this class. Textbooks will be only the starting point for majority of topics that we will cover. The slides used will cover ideas from a broad range of sources including other books, papers, standard etc.

  • Cryptography and Network Security, Ed. 4, by William Stallings
  • Cryptography: Theory and Practice, Ed. 3 by Douglas R. Stinson
  • Cryptography Demystified, by John E. Hershey
  • Malicious Cryptography - Exposing Cryptovirology, by A. L. Young & M.Yung
  • Various Conference Papers, Journals, Standard Specifications and RFCs

Grading: Exam at the end of semester will form ~60% of the lecture grade. Remaining ~40% of the lecture grade will be decided from overall course participation and a few assignments.

Prerequisites: Students required to have basic understanding of Cryptography, Network Security, Computer Communications Networks, Operating Systems, and knowledge of a programming language (Java, C, C++, Perl).

Assignments: There will be few assignments that can be completed with the materials covered in class.

When: Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00, starting on October 21, 2010

Where: TEL 1118

A tentative outline of topics that will be covered in this lecture are as follows:


Lecture 1: (Week 1)

Topics: Cryptography and Network Security Revisited

Materials: TBD

Lecture 2: (Week 2)

Topics: Key Management and Secret Sharing

Materials: TBD

Lecture 3: (Week 3)

Topics: ID Management and Authentication Schemes

Materials: TBD

Lecture 4: (Week 4)

Topics: Topics in Malicious Cryptography: Deniable Encryption and Chaffing and Winnowing

Materials: TBD

Lecture 5: (Week 5)

Topics: Topics in Malicious Cryptography: Covert Channels

Materials: TBD

Homework: TBD

Lecture 6: (Week 6)

Topics: Topics in Privacy: Searchable Encryption, Patient Controlled Encryption in E-Health

Materials: TBD

Lecture 7: (Week 7)

Topics: Topics in Privacy: Homomorphic Encryption, Anonymity and TOR

Materials: TBD

Lecture 8: (Week 8)

Topics: Trust Management

Materials: TBD

Lecture 9: (Week 9)

Topics: Anomaly and Malware Detection

Materials: TBD

Lecture 10: (Week 10)

Topics: Wireless Sensor Security

Materials: TBD

Homework: TBD

Lecture 11: (Week 11)

Topics: Mobile Security

Materials: TBD

Lecture 12: (Week 12)

Topics: Collaborative Security

Materials: TBD

Lecture 13: (Week 13)

Topics: Context-Aware Security

Materials: TBD

Lecture 14: (Week 14)

Topics: Non-intrusive Security

Materials: TBD

Lecture 15: (Week 15)

Topics: IT Risk Management

Materials: TBD

Homework: TBD

Lecture 16: (Week 16)

Topics: Review of Materials

Materials: TBD

Lecture 17: (Week 17)

Topics: Review of Materials

Materials: TBD

Lecture 18: (Week 18)

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