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A Graphical Editor for Graph Diagrams



Model Transformation is one of the key technologies in Model Driven Engineering. Triple Graphs are a well-formalized language for model transformation [1]. They are able to represent two related models and are thus able to represent one-to-one model transformation. However, they are of limited applicability in cases that contain more than two models. For this reason the formalism of Graph Diagrams has been developed [2]. Graph Diagrams can be seen as a generalization of Triple Graphs that enables the representation of a net of models and relations. Basic results from Triple Graphs have been lifted to Graph Diagrams. However, Graph Diagrams are still lacking in tool support for the end user. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to develop a graphical editor for graph diagrams.

As a first step the student is required to make a state of the art analysis to identify the best foundation for the development of such an editor. Here, the student is strongly encouraged to use an existing editor for Triple Graphs as basis since the representation should be relatively straightforward to extend to Graph Diagrams. Based on the selected technology an editor should be developed that can be used to view and edit Graph Diagrams. The editor should be extensible in a way that enables the integration of the existing and future formal results based on Graph Diagrams. As starting point the analysis capabilities from [2] for model transformation should be implemented.

The main challenge of the thesis relates to the generalization of existing technology to multiple models. For the representation of information this is expected to be fairly straightforward, if based on a triple graph tool. The visualization of an arbitrary graph structure is expected to be a challenge as it may require non-trivial extensions to make the editor usable.

1. Schürr, A., Klar, F.: 15 Years of Triple Graph Grammars. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Graph Transformation (ICGT 2008), LNCS 5214, Springer (2008), 411-425

2. Trollmann, F., Albayrak, S: Extending Model to Model Transformation Results from Triple Graph Grammars to Multiple Models. ICMT 2015: 214-229

3. Kun Ma, Bo Yang, Zhenxiang Chen, Ajith Abraham: A Relational Approach to Model Transformation with QVT Relations Supporting Model Synchronization. Journal of Universal Computer Science: 17-3


Betreuer:  Frank Trollmann
Email:   frank.trollmanndai-labor.de


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