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Auto-calibration of camera parameters for autonomous soccer robots


Cameras are major sensor for autonomous soccer robots and the vision results depend on camera settings such as white-balance, exposure. We are currently using auto-mode of the cameras' drivers, but it is insufficient for different lighting conditions. The goal of this thesis is to develop auto camera calibration algorithm using machine learning. The results will be tested on NAO autonomous soccer robots. The NAO has two cameras to be calibrated.

We are going to participate in RoboCup championship 2014, the results of your thesis will be tested on the game!

DAInamite: http://www.dainamite.de/
RoboCup SPL: http://www.tzi.de/spl/bin/view/Website/WebHome
Aldebaran Robotics: http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/en/


Betreuer:  Yuan Xu
Email:   Yuan.Xudai-labor.de


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